​​"When a society or a civilization perishes, one condition can always be found: They forgot where they came from."

​ -- Carle Sandburg

The Story of a Lifetime

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Personal History Services

​​​​"I wish I knew—I’ve always wished I had known some of the [family history]...My brother passed a few years back, the last of my family.  He could have given us information, and why I never did get it, I don’t know. I didn't realize how important it was!"     

-- "Skip", age 101, discussing his life story

​Everyone has a story to tell!  Do you have a loved-one whose story you'd love to record, before it's too late? 

Preserving your own story or that of a loved-one's doesn't require writing a memoir or biography. An oral history recording is a simple, beautiful way to record family memories! With just a simple recording device (tape recorder, MP3 player, even your cell phone) and a list of great questions, you can capture a thrilling life story in as little as an hour. A voice recording of you or your loved-one is a priceless gift to future generations.

Click to watch the video (at right) for some helpful hints when conducting a personal history interview. You, your children--even teenagers--will enjoy this deeply rewarding family activity. 

Sometimes, it makes more sense to have a professional, or non-family member conduct a personal history interview.

Many people are shy or uncomfortable speaking about their life to a close family member, and may speak more freely to an unbiased, professional interviewer. Let us help record and preserve a very special piece of your family history, with these valuable benefits:

  • Professional interview, conducted in the comfort and privacy of your home or office, or our studio
  • High-quality microphone, video and audio equipment for the best sound and picture
  • Interviews conducted in as little as one or two-hour sessions, as often as you require
  • All recordings are professionally transcribed, and attractively bound
  • Recording saved to DVD
  • Option to include a slideshow presentation that combines the recorded interview with photos and your favorite music, for a personal history memoir they will never forget!

Let future generations listen to your story, in your voice, and in your own words! They will love you and thank you for giving them this window into your life. Whether yours is a small, close-knit clan or a sprawling, brawling tribe, family stories strengthen and enrich all of our lives, and keep families connected!

Contact me to discuss your vision. Together, we'll help make yours the story of a lifetime!​