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  • Are you too busy to organize your family photographs?

  • Does your family photo collection  take up too much space?

  • Do you wish your faded, yellowed or damaged vintage photos could look like new?

  • Is your precious photo collection protected from deterioration and catastrophic loss?

​​​Photo Restoration & Preservation

 ​​​​​​​If a natural disaster was on the way, most of us would attempt to save our family photos...because the best insurance in the world can't replace them. 

The bad news is that it doesn't take a natural disaster to destroy our family photographs, because all photographs deteriorate over time, no matter how carefully stored and cared for.  

The good news is that today's digital technology can virtually halt deterioration in its tracks. Digital restoration can even refresh and restore the most badly damaged or deteriorated photos...without altering or harming the originals.

Our Family History Preservation System is a service designed to help overwhelmed, busy people get their most precious photos, stories and memorabilia organized, identified, restored, archived and preserved, in a way that's simple and beautiful. ​

Lovingtree Home + History is dedicated to helping you preserve your family history for future generations. Take a look at some of our photo restorations to see how much better those deteriorated images can look!

All work is performed on a digital copy of your original, which is scanned at high resolution and returned safely to you. We'll check your photos for

  • Color fading or yellowing

  • Tone and contrast

  • Removal or minimization of most stains, spots, scratches, mildew, creases or tearing

  • Flaked emulsion or other missing portions​


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How do I get started?

After reviewing your image, we'll discuss your needs and goals to decide what needs to be done. 

Your original photos are scanned at a high resolution, then returned safely to you--all restoration work is performed on the digital copy only.  

Scanned image files and restored copies are preserved on a USB stick drive, allowing you to make prints, upload images to the web, or share with family & friends.

We offer services to help organize and store your collection in ways that will increase the longevity and slow deterioration of your photographic treasures.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!